Nicht Gerettet , various media, 2011/2012

Our present is strongly influenced by the fear of a catastrophe. The media are central to the strategy of spreading terror. We are constantly surraunded by warning signs and images of disasters, as through the extension of social network in which communication occurs, the catastrophe takes its borders. Nicht Gerettet is a reflection on disaster and technological development that has brought us indiscriminately to a circular logic of the market, often the catastrophe is an event that could have been avoided but it manifests itself as something absolutely necessary: an ecological catastrophe, a military event, an economic huge collapse, invigorate and open up new areas of investment.

Our idea is working through different media, on what characterizes the disaster: the moment of transformation, a moment in time that can be classified not short or infinitely slow and insensitive to our eyes.

The project is divided in chapters:

Chapter # 1 , 3 posters, 2011

In the first chapter we have investigated the concept of deception narrative of pictures out of old negatives and burned by the light we saw how these elements contribute to the interpretation of the photographs and give them the apocalyptic atmosphere that announces a catastrophe or is the immediate consequence. Halos floating above the skyscrapers of Chicago reported that the idea belongs to the collective imagination of catastrophic events such as terrorist acts or alien invasions, now rooted in the collective memory thanks to the entertainment industry. The Media determine the boundaries of a catastrophe as it is they who hold the power of distribution of images and apply the rules of marketing. The information takes the strategies of entertainment because the power of Hollywood is able to impose on everyone the same references memorials, then quickly determining the size of the tragedy.

Posters, 100 x 70 cm, 3 copies each.