#1 Underground & Water
#2 Surface
Italia 2014
Video HD
Full Colour

directed by: NASTYNASTY©
editing, photography, sound: NASTYNASTY© & Giovanni Lami
produced by: NASTYNASTY©

This film was released in cooperation with Sinfonie Urbane curated by Exposed, in collaboration with Careof Docva, Filmmaker and ‘O.

We focused on two locations in the city of Milan, San Siro Hippodrome and the Civic Aquarium. Public aquariums and racetracks are typically contextual to the birth of the first Expo. These places have ideological parallels between them: the Expo in London was intended to flaunt their power through the technological progress of the country, monumental- its industrial power to consolidate the consent of the masses who, through a controlled entertainment, they could be also properly indoctrinated.

The work will be presented in the form of two videos separate but indivisible.
The two places full of physical limitations, barriers and psychological, are actually workshops, in which man is subjected to analysis and study.



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