NASTY WORLD, plastic toy camera, 2009

We produced a toy-camera ( the same you can buy in Venice or Rome where you go as a turist ) in which we put pictures about violence, use of guns, wars, died soldiers, ruins, funerals of innocents in the middle east for example, instead of the usual pictures of monumnets. We put unexpected and rude images in connection with the large use of Toy-guns or War VideoGames for example, which let children assume that war is a game and is possible to dominate with weapons and violence.

It also make the observer feeling unconfortable, because of the unexpected pictures, exactely the same thing happens when war or uncontrolled violence happen in the west-side of the world (New Orleans after Katrina or 9/11 in New York) instead of in that places we know as upsetting and dangerous like the Middle East.

Technical spec:
the object is a plastic toy mini-camera (11,5 cm x 8cm), containing 14 images realting to the use of weapons.
Looking through the viewfinder of the camera and pressing the photograph button it dislpays the images stamped on a circular negative.