Taste a photograph!, wallpaper 3d, digital print, 2013

Fake foods are made from various types of plastics, resins and materials to replicate, as a photography the appearance of real foods.

But exactly as it happens with commercial photography they look even better than real foods.

Colours are much more shining and brilliant; the disposition of the various foods of the course is graceful and well proportioned.

So we photographed some of these plastic food like still life of commercial objects; in this way is more evident their being Stuff of Resin, since when we see them at the restaurant we are in a hurry or we are distracted from the real life and we think to them as possible & credible food, just because they are the image of food.

It is a way to investigate on the power of photography; you can’t look at resin sculptures without wanting to eat that food and maybe without wanting all that implies, for example a dinner with friends, but when you see them photographed in a different contest you see them as fake and not tasty meals.